Will there be time to cast my work?

No. This course is focused on practice. You may take your clay work with you and have it cast.

Will pedestals to work on be supplied?

Yes. Everything but wood tools, clay and armature are provided. Model fees are included in cost.

Will we work from a model?

Yes. We will be working from a live, nude model and will focus on a standing pose, or poses for the duration of the class.

Where can I stay in the Philadelphia area?

The studio is 10 minutes from downtown Center City Philadelphia. 

What is the best means of transportation from Center City to the studio?

Public transportation will not take you door to door but check with the SEPTA website. Depending on where you are staying, you might get within a few blocks of the studio. Otherwise, Uber or Lyft is everywhere. 

Is deposit refundable? 

No. However, if for any reason, the class does not run, all deposits will be refunded in full. 

Do you have ongoing classes?

Upcoming workshops dates are in the works and will be announced soon. 

Can I film or take photos at the workshop?

Due to our working with a nude model, photo or video taking is prohibited. You make take image of your work only while the model is on break. 

Can I take just one day?

Yes, but the cost of the course is fixed. Please plan to make the 3 days.